Our studio thoughtfully crafts brand identities that are intentional, refined, and authentic — tastefully tailored to you.


Flint House provides meaningful, refined branding and web design for passion-driven creatives + businesses. With mindfulness and sophistication at our roots, we aim to create designs that are both timeless and effective — transcending trends while still attracting the right people. Based in Chicago, USA, we serve local, national, and international clients — helping brands portray their passion and connect with their ideal target audience. 

Flint House takes on a holistic approach when it comes to branding & web design. We believe that a successful brand works from the inside out — while the visual aspect of branding is important, the underlying message & strategy are the heart of the brand. With this mindset, we are not only able to help our clients accurately portray their brands to the world, but we also help them effectively attract their ideal target market and see increased growth and success in their businesses.


Flint House Philosophy

We base all of our design work off of our 3 M's — mindful, minimal, & meaningful.



We start each project by taking the time to dive deep into our clients’ businesses — so we can be as authentic as possible in representing who they are and what they stand for. With mindfulness as our guide, we are able to truly help each client as a visual communicator. What’s beautiful design, after all, if it isn’t effective?


Less is always more. We believe that the softest voice can speak volumes in comparison to all of the noise surrounding it. Our tried-and-true design process cuts out all of the fluff and makes room for what matters most, and — just like flint — creates a burning impact that's hard to ignore.


A brand is so much more than just a logo — it's the passion & heart that you personally put into your business. We focus on what makes your business shine and integrate that spark into all aspects of your brand identity, allowing you to connect and resonate with your target market.

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Meet Jessie —
Flint House's founder + designer.

I've always been fascinated by flint — how something so seemingly simple is able to create such a big, beautiful fire. I've carried that visual with me throughout my years as a designer. With the mindset of less is more, I craft each of my clients' brands with intentional, minimal design that — just like flint — creates a burning impact that's hard to ignore.

I live in Chicago, IL, with my darling husband — running Flint House by day and enjoying walks by Lake Michigan at night. I strive to live mindfully and approach both my work and my lifestyle with intention. Not only does this keep me grounded, it allows me to put my best self forward in everything I do.




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