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Brand Strategy Sessions

From my combined experience in both the advertising & branding design fields, I’ve realized that a good number of businesses lack focus when it comes to their brand. Over time, I’ve noticed that many brands have either 1) a unique story + strategy that lacks a proper visual identity, or 2) beautiful brand visuals that, simply put, just aren’t attracting who they need to attract. Here at Flint House, my goal is to bridge the gap between strategic branding + a proper visual identity — to help businesses attract their ideal clients and successfully grow their business by equipping them with an intentional brand that is both beautiful and effective.

There is power in refining your focus when it comes to your brand + business. Through one-on-one strategy sessions filled with open and honest conversation, I’ll help you gain clarity + insight into your current branding, as well as partner with you to create a strategic course of action that will help guide you from where you are now, to where you are wanting to be.


How It Works:

1. Schedule session.

Ready to talk through your branding questions, receive a different perspective on your current brand, and gain insight in how you can best move forward and thrive? I’d love to help. Please reach out to me via the link below, and I’ll quickly respond and provide more information about my strategy sessions, answer any questions you may have, and book your spot.

2. Prep for session.

Once everything is scheduled, I’ll send you a questionnaire for you to complete before our session. This will help me better understand you, your business goals, and what you’re hoping to receive from our session. I’ll review everything in advance and write down a few of my thoughts beforehand so that we can make the most of our time together.

3. Gain clarity.

We’ll hold our strategy session via a video call or in person. During this session, we’ll talk through the topics you’re wanting to discuss, set attainable goals, and create a few action items for you to work on. A few weeks later, we’ll hold a follow-up session to discuss your progress, answer any questions you may have, and readjust your goals as needed.

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Each session is personalized to your business’s individual needs. Potential discussion topics include (but are not limited to):



Are you starting a new business and wanting to learn more about branding? Or have you already started your business but never formally gone through the branding process? I can walk you through the basics of branding and how a solid, strategic brand can benefit your business.


Rebranding a business is no easy feat — there are a lot of intricacies and things to consider throughout the process. If you’re considering rebranding your business, I can help answer any questions you may have, as well as help you craft a plan to help your rebrand go as smoothly and successfully as possible.


Are you unsure about who your ideal customer or client is? Or do you know who they are, but you’re still having a hard time attracting them? Together we can work through ways your brand can speak to, and connect with, your target audience.


Interested in an industry professional’s perspective on your current branding? I can hold a comprehensive review of your brand visuals (logo, website, supporting brand elements, etc.) and help you pinpoint ways you can elevate your current brand presence and better attain your goals.


Branding can have a powerful impact on how your services or products are perceived in your current market. We can talk through your current brand positioning and discuss marketing strategies to help position your brand in a way that is unique and stands out against its competition.


Where do you want your business to be in 1 year? 5 years? Is your current branding going to help you achieve that vision, or are some adjustments needing to be made? I can help you review your business goals and come up with a strategic plan for your brand to reach your goals.


You’ll Walk Away With:


My experience in advertising / branding design and my unique perspective will help provide you with a clear sense of direction in how to best move forward with your branding and accomplish your goals. At whatever stage your business is at, I’ll help you gain clarity in the areas in which you’re needing help.


Not only will I help establish clarity in your brand, I will also help you craft strategic, actionable steps that you can take to help you accomplish what you’re wanting to accomplish and reach your goals. As Joel A. Barker said, “Vision without action is merely a dream… Vision with action can change the world.”


Whatever stage you’re at in your business, with whatever pain-point you’re currently struggling with, I’m here to help. I know just how difficult it can be branding your business (both through my experience with my own business, as well as helping each of my clients with theirs), so I know how to best be of support.

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Initial Strategy Session: $500

Your first strategy session includes the following:


1. Pre-session survey
2. 60-minute strategy session
3. PDF of session review, goals/action items, & resources


1. 30-minute follow-up session
2. Review of goals/action items
3. Updated PDF of session review, goals/action items, & resources

Follow-up Sessions: $250

Any additional strategy sessions you book after our initial meeting will include the following:

1. Pre-session survey
2. 60-minute strategy session
3. Review of goals/action items
4. Updated PDF of session review, goals/action items, and resources


Please note: If you would like to hold your strategy session in person and do not live in Chicago, an additional travel fee may apply. Please reach out to me at jessie@flinthousestudio.com before booking to learn more.