4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From A Brand Strategy


Written by Flint House’s founder, Jessie Kershisnik.

Over the course of my career in advertising + branding, I’ve noticed that most business owners I’ve worked with are unaware of what a brand strategy is and why it is so important for their business. So today, I thought it would be a great idea to share 4 ways your business can benefit from a brand strategy.

Let’s dive right in. What is a brand strategy? A brand strategy is essentially a document that details a specific plan that helps businesses achieve long-term goals, narrow down the details of their target market, and position themselves in the minds of their current + potential customers. It may include things such as a mission statement, brand words, target market evaluation, and a visual inspiration moodboard. While the specifics of a brand strategy may vary, its purpose is one in the same — to help businesses keep a specific and focused mindset on their branding.

Here at Flint House, we include a brand strategy for every branding client that we work with. I find that it is essential to both my work as a creative director & the success of my clients’ businesses when a focused brand strategy is created at the beginning of the project. I always like to take the time to really dive in to my clients’ brand and business so that we can authentically tell their story and create a brand that is an accurate representation of who they are and what they stand for. That way, we are able to truly help them as a visual communicator instead of someone who just designs pretty things for them. What’s beautiful design after all if it isn’t effective?

From my experience with developing successful brands for businesses at all stages of success, I realized that not many business owners understand how important a brand strategy is for their business. Whenever a client asks me if a brand strategy is really that beneficial to their business, my answer is always a resounding yes. There are so many benefits that come from a clear, focused brand strategy. Here are 4 ways your business can benefit from a brand strategy:

1. A brand strategy can help your business find its voice.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in branding (especially small business branding) is the lack of a clear and consistent brand voice. Say you’re a photographer that specializes in fine art wedding photography. If the photography that you post on Instagram is elegant and refined, yet your captions are casual and unsophisticated, then there is clearly dissonance in what your business represents.

Are you struggling to find your brand voice? A brand strategy can help your business find that voice and keep it consistent through all the ways your business interacts with potential customers. In the brand strategy that I develop with my clients, we generate a list of “brand words” that help my client really focus in on their voice and how they are going to portray themselves. They keep these words in mind every time they interact with others. A brand strategy can help your business focus on a purposeful expression that resembles who you are and what you are all about.

2. A brand strategy can help your business attract your ideal customers / clients.

When I was fresh out of college, I started freelancing as a graphic designer. Although I knew who I wanted to be designing for, I didn’t know how to attract those type of clients. I was just taking any jobs that came my way, and although I made money from those clients, I wasn’t particularly satisfied with the work I was doing because I felt like those few clients I was working with didn’t quite align with my ideal client. It wasn’t until later when I implemented my own brand strategy that I started to get more clients that were attracted to my design style and had the same vision as I did.

What about a brand strategy made such a drastic change in my business as a freelancer, and continues today as the founder of my own design studio? In the brand strategy that I develop with my clients, we do an in-depth analysis of their ideal customer. In that analysis, we put special attention on the target market’s ideal values. Why? Because people like associating themselves with others that share their same values… and that includes businesses. When I started focusing on those values and implementing them in my social media and website copy, I started seeing more success. Having a brand strategy that really nails down who your target market is can help your business attract (and keep) your ideal customers / clients.

3. A brand strategy can help your business stand out in a saturated market.

Starting your own business can be overwhelming. Add a highly saturated market on top of that, and it can seem unbearable. But with a strong brand strategy in place, 1) it can be done and 2) you can still be successful. A natural instinct when trying to navigate a highly saturated field may be to copy what other successful businesses are doing, but copying other businesses’ brand strategies does absolutely nothing for your own success. If anything, it undermines your success.

Here at Flint House, we have been able to help tons of businesses shine in their own fields, and a big part of that success comes from their brand strategy. In the brand strategy that I develop with our clients, we focus on one unique aspect about their business and really make that shine. We come up with a detailed plan on how they are going to stand out among their competition and gain an authentic following. When our clients stick to this strategy, they see success in standing out in an otherwise saturated market.

4. A brand strategy can help your business have a consistent visual look + feel.

Lastly, what’s strategy without visualization? It’s important to take all of the aspects of brand voice, target market, and your unique brand qualities and turn that into the visual branding of your business. In the brand strategy that I develop with my clients, we create a visual inspiration moodboard of how my client’s brand will look and feel. We utilize typography, texture, color, photography, etc. to craft a curated moodboard that encompasses all that their brand represents. From there, my client can use that moodboard as a reference to curating their Instagram feed, taking new product photography for their upcoming line, or adding new content to their blogs. Having a brand strategy that helps your business have consistent visual look + feel really is the icing on the cake.

If you’re feeling a disconnect in your business’s branding, I highly recommend that you take some time to develop a brand strategy. Really flush out the details so that you can focus on achieving your business goals. I promise that you’ll see exponential success with both your branding and your business if you have a solid brand strategy in effect.