Flint House Services Guide


Flint House brands are a visual representation of the unique passion and heart behind a business. Our studio adopts a comprehensive, holistic mindset when it comes to branding and web design.

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Our Branding Process

Take an inside look into what it's like to work with us:



We’ll start your project off with a detailed questionnaire, which will help us discover important information such as your target market, your brand voice + personality, and your brand’s unique qualities. Upon questionnaire completion, we'll begin our fine-tuned research process — analyzing your questionnaire, evaluating your current brand market and competition, and taking the time to learn the ins and outs of your business. From there, we will craft an in-depth brand strategy, which includes our research findings, a clear brand vision, tools to help you stand apart from your competitors, and a visual branding inspiration moodboard.


After we’ve nailed down the strategy, it’s time to start designing! All of our design work will closely reflect all of the research we’ve done leading up to this point. Our studio follows a one-concept design approach: we explore a handful of directions up front and narrow down options as we go in order to present only the best visual identity for your brand (after trial and error, we've found that quality trumps quantity when creating the right visual identity). Your concept will be presented in an in-depth PDF presentation, after which you'll have the option to share your feedback with us. We’ll collaborate through up to 2 rounds of refinement to perfect the design.



Now that we've developed the full brand identity, we can apply it in various applications (if needed) to help build out your brand. Our Full Identity package includes 3 collateral designs of your choice (business cards, notecard, thank you card, letterhead, hang tag, tote bag, stickers, etc.), with one concept and two rounds of refinement included. If you're needing additional collateral designs or brand assets (web design, e-commerce site, packaging design, etc.), please let us know! No two projects are the same, and we're happy to put together a custom package that'll cover your needs.



Once the final designs have been approved and everyone is happy with the end result, you’ll be provided with all of the files you need to successfully use according to your needs. This includes your brand strategy, all finalized designs for both print + web, and anything else we may have created along the way. We’re also more than happy to provide recommendations and facilitate communication with printers and other creatives if you're looking to continue on your project after our work here is done — it is so important that brand consistency is carried out successfully across all aspects of your visuals!


The Essentials Package: for getting started



This package is, simply put, the essentials that we believe every brand needs to hit the ground running. To start, we help you craft your brand strategy & develop and define your design aesthetic. From there, we utilize that strategy to design your visual identity and set you apart from your competitors. 



A Strategic Foundation

  1. Branding Questionnaire

  2. Client Discovery Call
  3. Brand Strategy
  4. Visual Inspiration Moodboard + Color Palette

Mindful Design

  1. Primary Logo Design
  2. Secondary Logo Design



The Essentials package is a $1300 investment, with an estimated timeline of 3-4 weeks. 



The Full Identity Package: ideal for small businesses



Our expertise is in taking the true essence of your business and visually articulating it into a complete brand identity. The Full Identity package is for those who are wanting a complete and comprehensive visual identity. This has the same foundation as The Essentials package, but includes further identity design and brand build-out.


What's Included:

A Strategic Foundation

  1. Branding Questionnaire
  2. Client Discovery Call
  3. Brand Strategy
  4. Visual Inspiration Moodboard + Color Palette

Mindful Design

  1. Primary Logo
  2. Secondary Logo
  3. Brand Marks
  4. Brand Pattern (if applicable)

Brand Development

  1. Font System
  2. 3 Collateral Designs of Your Choice
  3. Brand Style Guide



The Full Identity package is a $2300 investment, with an estimated timeline of 4-6 weeks.



Branding Package Add-Ons: tailored to your needs

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Package customization

We know that no two projects are alike, and we don't expect our two branding packages to cover all of the needs of your business! Our packages serve as a foundational base from which you can further customize depending on your needs. The following design work is available as an add-on to whatever branding package you choose. We believe that the best branding exceeds beyond the logo and thrives in every visual aspect of your business.



  • Additional Collateral Pieces 
  • Packaging Design 
  • Newsletter Design 
  • Editorial Design 
  • Social Media Templates 
  • Digital Ads 
  • Product Photography 
  • Art Direction 
  • And more



Adding on extra design services to your package will adjust the project timeline anywhere from an additional 1-3 weeks.



 ||| Our Web Design Package |||

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The Custom Site: design and development of a Squarespace site


The Custom Site Package

Every business needs an online home. Whether you're looking for a simple blog or a complete online store, we can collaborate with your business to design a beautiful site with a seamless user interface that will attract your ideal target market and elevate your online presence. We offer this single web design package as a starting base to build off of according to your individual needs.



A Strategic Foundation

  1. Website Questionnaire
  2. Site Stratey Call
  3. Site Map Planning

Purposeful Preparation

  1. “Coming Soon” Website Cover Page
  2. Domain & Email Setup
  3. 20% off of the first year of hosting (for new Squarespace clients)

Intentional Build-Out

  1. Custom-Designed Squarespace Website (up to 5 pages)
  2. Custom Favicon (Web Browser Icon)
  3. Basic SEO
  4. Mobile Optimization
  5. Branding Integration
  6. Newsletter Integration (If Applicable)
  7. 1 Hour Post-Launch Live Squarespace Training
  8. 1 Social Media Launch Graphic


Please Note:

Client is responsible for all website copy and  photos (unless adding on our stock photography curation services), as well as squarespace hosting fees. Flint House requires clients to pay for the “Business” plan (or one of the e-commerce options if needed). To review Squarespace's pricing, click here



The Custom Site Package is a $1700 investment, with a 3-4 week timeline. 



Web Design Package Add-Ons: tailored to your needs



The following design work is available as an add-on to The Custom Site package. We know that no two projects are alike, and we don't expect our web design package to cover all of the needs of your business! 



  • Additional Web Page Designs 
  • Blog Integration & Design
  • E-commerce Integration & Design 
  • Stock Photography Curation 
  • Website PDF Download Design
  • And more — if you don't see something you're in need of, let us know!



Adding on extra design services to your package will adjust the project timeline anywhere from an additional 1-3 weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions




We work with clients as soon as there is a spot in our schedule. We take on a limited number of new clients per month to ensure that each project gets the attention it deserves, so the sooner you book, the better! If we are scheduled out a few months in advance, a non-refundable 25% deposit is required to hold your spot.

How long will my project take to be completed?

Typically, branding projects take approximately 4 weeks to complete, and web design projects take approximately 3 weeks to complete. If you're adding on additional services (combining both branding and web design, adding additional collateral design or packaging design, etc.), the project will take longer to complete. Depending on your project, we can set a schedule at the beginning of our time together so that you always know what to expect. Please note: the timeline relies on client feedback. If there is a delay in response, your timeline will need to be adjusted accordingly.

I need more than 5 website pages. Can I add more pages on to my package?

Of course! We can add on additional website pages for $200 per page.

What platform do you use for web design?

We use Squarespace as our web design platform and host. Each of our clients receive a complimentary 20% off of their first year of Squarespace hosting if they are new Squarespace customers.

What does your design process look like?

You can learn more about our design process here!

What does your payment process look like?

We typically require a 25% downpayment at the time of booking, %25 payment at the beginning of each project, and the remaining 50% at the end of the project (before final design files are handed over).