Ravelista, founded by Sonia Goravanchi, is a lifestyle brand dedicated to creating elegant, thoughtful designs that are adaptable and made to empower each part of a woman’s day. Born out of the need for more products that truly serve women in multiple capacities, Ravelista’s designs strive to work for women so that they can thrive in their own world and reach their full potential every day. Additionally, Ravelista promotes the overall mental, physical, and emotional wellness in the lives of women. Ravelista is more than its products — it is a movement and lifestyle that encourages and supports its community.

In the next year, Ravelista will formally launch their initial handbag design in the United States, start building up their community, and share their mission to the world. From there, Ravelista aims to expand its product line, explore greater growth opportunities, and continue motivating and inspiring women worldwide.


The Strategy

Ravelista’s products are for women who are driven, strong, passionate, willing to take on challenges, and have a desire to make an impact in the world. Since Ravelista is all about promoting wellness and encouraging women to live up to their potential, it is well positioned to build a community of brand loyalists. Ravelista’s ideal customer will be drawn to Ravelista’s brand, business model, and products because Ravelista’s products can truly speak to those who use them — women often find themselves adjusting and adapting to whatever comes their way, and Ravelista’s functional, fashionable products have the ability to adjust and adapt right along with them.