We’re an intimate design studio specializing in strategic, refined brand development + web design.



Hi there, I’m Jessie Kershisnik (ker/shis/nik) — Flint House’s founder, brand strategist, + creative director. With an extensive background in advertising and over 6 years of branding design experience, I help business owners find clarity in their business + brand, all while crafting beautiful visuals that set them apart from their competitors and attract their ideal audience.

I've always been fascinated by flint — how something so seemingly simple is able to create such a big, beautiful fire. I've carried that visual with me throughout my years as a designer. With the mindset of less is more, my team and I craft each of our clients' brands with intentional, minimal design that — just like flint — creates a burning impact that's hard to ignore.


Our design approach + style is…


We start each project by taking the time to dive deep into our clients’ businesses — so we can be as authentic as possible in representing who they are and what they stand for. With mindfulness as our guide, we are able to truly help each client as a visual communicator. What’s beautiful design, after all, if it isn’t effective?


Less is always more. We believe that the softest voice can speak volumes in comparison to all of the noise surrounding it. Our tried-and-true design process cuts out all of the fluff and makes room for what matters most, and — just like flint — creates a burning impact that's hard to ignore.


A brand is so much more than just a logo — it's the passion + heart that you personally put into your business. We focus on what makes your business shine and integrate that spark into all aspects of your brand identity, allowing you to connect and resonate with your target market.

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Select Clients

We’ve had the great privilege & opportunity to collaborate with a number of talented businesses:


Amanda Meg Photography
Aristos Lifestyle
Design Alchemy
Jennie Miremadi Nutrition
Jessa Schifilliti
Kiran Nagi Interiors
Love Vérité

Luxe Do
Restoration Body Spa
Staged by Alchemy
Sloan and Bri
Taylor Magazine
The Idea Room
Valorie Darling

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